About Us

Company Information

  • Business Name: ArabHunters Co.
  • Business Address: Ardiya Hirafy Block 1 Bldg.100 office 1
  • Annual Sales: ~ 0.9 Million Dollar
  • Primary Line of Business: World Wide Trip Organizing
  • Kuwaiti License Number: 2015/2783

Company Overview

ArabHunters Company is considered the first Arabian company in the Middle East that is specialized in the Safari & hunting tourism industry. The story was begun when a lot of our friends were asking us to manage and organize their hunting and safaris trips in all over the world. After a while we have been asked from several of our friends why don’t we generate some profits while we are losing some of our time in arranging and organizing their trips? So here we go.

Industry Information

The Hunting & Fishing tourism industry is a rapidly growing industry in the world and especially in Middle East region. As a result, lots of unofficial and unlicensed parties took this advantage to do illegal hunting & fishing trips. A very large number of hunters were victims of this unofficial parties and been in troubles in a very different ways, in addition to

the risks they caused to many types of animals, birds and fishes due to illegal hunting. It is our responsibility to protect all kind of creatures especially the ones we hunt, otherwise we will end up quitting this hobby due to the extinction of these creatures. 


7 days - Tunisia


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Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan


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